About Renée

Renée Nicole Creations are 100% handmade and rhinestoned by Renée Nicole Gray. Renée has been making costumes and wearable art pieces since childhood. At age 13 she once made a Rose costume replica from the “Titanic” movie from scratch to wear for Halloween. People were so impressed, she had a hard time getting candy because they kept wanting photos with her. Renée is entirely self taught. She later became more advanced in construction while working for eight years as a top Lady Gaga impersonator, which required her to make her own costumes and wigs.

Renée’s wearable art and costume designs have now been seen onscreen and stages worldwide including for productions for E! Network, Dutch TV, The NY Theatre Festival and more. The NY Times had noted Renée’s fashion creations twice. Her most acclaimed creations include a piano hat made from a real keyboard, a dress made from over 600 playing cards for the NYC Resort Worlds Casino opening and the “Metro Skirt” made from NYC Subway maps.

Renée’s biggest inspirations in her designs include the Victorian era, WW2 clothing and old Hollywood. Her favorite designers include Rei Kawakubo, Coco Chanel, Edith Head, Christian Siriano, Leigh Bowery, Alexander McQueen, Betsey Johnson and Brandon Maxwell.