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Renée Nicole Creations are separated into several collections. Below is a bit of info about each one, as well as a link to shop.

Henrietta 1912  is named after my grandmother and my favorite year in fashion. I find such inspiration in the soft foam colors, lace, filigree and pearls found in the Victorian era and it’s clothing. This collection provides vintage charm that can be carried into any era.    



The Geometric Dip Collection features items made using a very intricate dipping method, to create unique bugle beaded sensations. Each pendant takes over a week to create, often using up to 1000 molded bugle beads. The end result is a showstopping 3D geometric shape that will never be duplicated.



Rhinestoned By Renée are one of a kind hand rhinestoned items. This collections contains everything from clothing to hairbrushes and household objects. You can also find out to have almost anything you own rhinestoned here.



Throwing Shade is a collection of single edition hand embellished sunglasses. These attention grabbing wearable art shades are designed for fashion and function, and will stand out in any crowd.



The Coco The Kitty Collection is dedicated to cat lovers worldwide, and in memory of my cat Coco Chanel who died suddenly at age five. 10% of proceeds from this collection are donated to no kill animal shelters in the USA.